The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Doggy Snacks

I get to eat a wide variety of foods, because I’m cute and I know how to work the “begging face” but there are some things that humans need to remember when feeding us pups human foods…. we aren’t human. My human researches before she shares any new food with me, and recently we were shown this handy picture- so of course we had to share it.

dog snacks



Now there are things not listed that are dangerous. Such as Coffee and Chocolate. Also did you know that dogs are mostly lactose intolerant? Which is a shame because we LOVE cheese. I get a very small piece of cheese on special occasions (or if the human is cooking jacket potato- then I get 3-5 strands of grated cheese, not a lot but totally yummy and worth a lot of tricks)

panda and kyo


Remember to use all opportunities for cuteness and your reward will come after the human has taken a photo and told you how pretty you are. See this ^ “kiss” shot with my new foster brother Kyo? Yeah I got a bone afterwards for playing so nicely.

Do you have any tricks for getting your human to feed you? What about some special tricks you do for food? I was in a corner shop the other day (the shop owner loves me and welcomes my presence) when the human noticed some watermelon. She picked it up to look at the price and I began to dance in excited circles. When she saw how cute I was, she had no choice but to buy the tasty snack. Cuteness: 1000000 Human: 0

Share your snack related success stories in the comments.




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Walks in the Snow

I love ♥ love ♡ love ♥ love ♡ love snow.


So we usually stay on the roof of our building so that I can frolic without the human worrying. In fact she ignored me yesterday and instead of throwing snowballs for me to chase she rolled them into this.


She was quite proud of her efforts but I am not so easily impressed. Anyway today we went to emart because the human was low on treats for me and wanted to get some real food shopping done. While we we there we found these~



We also bought Narae a collar with a jingly bell ^^ She doesnt like it very much ^^ The human is making me wear one too because she says my neck is so small that cat collars fit better ㅎㅎ I’m so tired from our trip though~ heres a video of me falling asleep Watch out for more videos of us playing with the above toys, also the human and I are working on some new tricks ^^ Panda \/⊙♥⊙\/

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Being cute is the answer to everything

Being cute is the answer to everything~ want to go for a walk? Stand by the door and look cute. Want some food? Lift one paw and tilt your head to the side-works every time.


^^ how is this for cute? The human was boiling eggs for shelter doggies~ which is great and all but did they really need all 120? So I gave the kittens a bath until she couldnt handle all the cuteness I was bringing and now the shelter dogs have 119 eggs….


In other news I pooped in her shoes~ my bad


Guess the human still needs training on my optimal walk schedule

’til next time
Panda \/⊙♥⊙\/

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Play Time Again!

Here are some videos of me that I think you will enjoy 🙂

Me playing on the stairs:

and me playing in the grass on the roof

and finally me waiting nicely for treats

I am super excited for my first Halloween too, still have to make a decision on which costume to wear to the doggy howl’o’ween party 😀 but you will have to wait and see what I decide to do ^^ expect much more cuteness in the future

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Presents Part 2

So my human went to e~mart without me today and brought me back some more presents! Man I love being a dog.


My shiny new raincoat so I wont get shivery cold after a wet walk


And all my favourite treats V⊙♥⊙V
Although the human made this big deal about how I didnt deserve them because I chewed on my new name tag…. Well if I had had the treats sooner maybe I wouldnt have had to eat the collar~ huh?


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Today my uuman returned with presents!! A teacher at her school thought I was pretty so she asked a friend who makes home~made dog treats to make some for me!


Don’t they look delicious? I will have to ask my human to procure more of these yummy treats. I may even let this teacher touch my head for a second or two next time we meet….or not, it depends on how yummy these treats are I guess 😉