The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Agility Training: Guest Star: Boots

Saturday I went to visit my friends Boots who is spending a month in a training academy while his human is away on vacation. My human went without me last week, but this week I got to go too! It was so much fun to play on the agility equipment! boots and Panda1

Boots and I had a great time playing together, and the trainer says Boots is doing really well. This training centre is really close to Toegyewon station (pronounced Tay-gay-won) just tell the taxi driver to keep going straight and then once you go over a very tiny bridge the centre is on your left. It’s very easy to spot from the road and it only costs us $9 in a taxi to get there.

boots and Panda2The trainers are very friendly but have limited English, so if you want to send a dog there it is recommended that you have a co-worker fill out the form. You can learn more about the training school here

Just wanted to share the information and the cute photos of me ^^





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Walks in the Snow

I love ♥ love ♡ love ♥ love ♡ love snow.


So we usually stay on the roof of our building so that I can frolic without the human worrying. In fact she ignored me yesterday and instead of throwing snowballs for me to chase she rolled them into this.


She was quite proud of her efforts but I am not so easily impressed. Anyway today we went to emart because the human was low on treats for me and wanted to get some real food shopping done. While we we there we found these~



We also bought Narae a collar with a jingly bell ^^ She doesnt like it very much ^^ The human is making me wear one too because she says my neck is so small that cat collars fit better ㅎㅎ I’m so tired from our trip though~ heres a video of me falling asleep Watch out for more videos of us playing with the above toys, also the human and I are working on some new tricks ^^ Panda \/⊙♥⊙\/