The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Feeling Hot

It’s really hot here in Korea. Like fry-an-egg-on-the-pavement (sidewalk for the Americans) hot. Our walks are limited to super early in the morning before the pavement heats up, or late at night when it has had a chance to cool off. The rest of the day I stay inside, but we can’t run our aircon 24:7 and no it’s not because of fan death (according to Koreans, you can die from using your fan too much)


So we have to find alternative ways to keep cool. Here is my list of things you can make your human do for you to keep you cool during the last, overwhelmingly hot month of Korean summer.

1. Eat Watermelon~ Yep, you heard me. Make your human buy some delicious watermelon for the two of you to share. But don’t eat too much or you’ll regret it on your bathroom breaks.


2. Make your Human freeze you some ice to lick. It will keep your drinking water cool all day. The human can even use stock cubes to add delicious flavours to your ice. If your human does it in an ice-cube tray, they can be added to your drinking water. But what my human usually does it reuse pint-sized cardboard milk cartons. Once it has frozen she can peel off the carton and I have a block of ice to lick. Unfortunately she has no photos of this because she is stupid and doesn’t plan ahead so here is a photo from the internet of stock flavoured cubes.



3. This may sound counter-productive, but try closing the window and pulling down the blinds. If you run the aircon for an hour before your human leave then the apartment stays cooler because your blind is keeping the heat from the sun out. (We have to close the blind too or the foster Kyo goes behind the blind and then forgets how to get back off of the window sill)

4. When your human is not at work, have them set up a paddling pool. We use an old bottom of a cat litter tray (thoroughly cleaned first, thank you) Now, I haven’t actually used this one. But I like the effort my human goes through in filling it up for me.

5. If, like me, you mostly eat dry food- consider adding more wet food during the summer as it will help you to stay hydrated. You can also mix half wet and half dry together in your bowl and leave it in the fridge for a while for a nice cooling meal.


So those are my summer tips, yes I realise summer is almost over-but you wouldn’t know it from the Korean weather. 32 degrees today- that’s just my room temperature. Do you have any tips or tricks on staying cool in the summer? Let us know in the comments 🙂






Pampering Day

Today the human forced me to have a shower~ she said it was my pampering day. I kept trying to escape so in the end the human carried me into the water~ that I didnt mind so much, I could hide my face and she got wet too mwhahaha.

After my shower she wrapped my in a giant towel so I couldnt run away to shake myself dry and changed out of her wet clothes. Then she brought me to a howling monster that blew hot air at me


Here I am trying to hide in my bed. I suppose it dried me faster than I usually manage from hiding in a towel


After I was dry the human put the nasty itchy smelly stuff on the back of my neck. So I tried to roll it off by rubbing my neck in the ground


She says I neee this every month to keep me safe but its so itchy! And the human wont play with me for 3 hours afterwards ㅠㅠ

Becausr I wouldnt stop running around trying to get the itchy stuff off the human confined my in the new pen


And when I fell asleep she covered me with one of her tops because my blanket is being washed and I’m still a little damp around my ears and tail


She says we’re going on a loooong walk later so I’m napping to conserve my energy. I have filmed some videos for you which the human will upload later~ showing me playing on our roof garden and waiting nicely for treats, hope you liked my pictures~ next time I’ll document how to make your human walk you and how to get treats while exploring