The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Prologue~ New Beginning

Before I tell you about my life now, I should tell you about how I got here.

In March 2012, I was 3 months old and I was living on the streets. I was found by a Korean dog shelter and taken in from the cold, but their policy is to hold animals for 10 days in case they are lost pets and then allow us 10 days to be adopted into a new family. When our time is up, well, they say all dogs go to heaven, so lets hope that’s true.

My deadline was fast approaching when a foreigner and her friends came to the shelter. I hate being touched so I wasn’t very friendly but then I realized it meant freedom and settled into the the strange bag they had bought for me. When they next opened the bag I was in a tiled room that I later realized was the home of a silver snake that spat water.

The snake soaked me, and foreigner not only touched me but seemed intent on rubbing me all over with a strange liquid until I was covered in bubbles. When she and the snake had had their fun, freedom was once again mine. I explored my new domain, there was a squeaky bodiless animal that was fun to play with and a very soft high place that was so warm and safe….

Unlike so many other street dogs I found my home and it came with a human that’s not too bad. She buys me things in return for being allowed to collect my poop. Sometimes I like to rub myself on her so that she smells like me and other times I like to show show her that I don’t mind her strange poo collecting habits by licking her or walking so close behind her that she spins in circles.

I’d like to tell you about our life together and what it means to adopt a human in South Korea, as a street dog. I’ll share pictures of me in my many cute outfits, pictures of my friends and videos of the different ways I make the human feed me.