The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Playdates with Kittens!

Friday was the best day EVER!

When the human returned she played with me and the kittens and then gave the kittens a nap break and snuggled up with me to watch a Korean drama~ I was a little disapointed tjat we hadn’t gone on a walk but I love snuggles ^^


Next thing I know I’m being woken up and she is getting ready to leave! I did my best to let her know I wanted to come to by dancing around her legs and running to the door to whine. But instead of getting me ready, she put the kittens in their carrier!! I was so confused, was she taking away my new toys? Or were they getting a walk while I was left at home?!


Finally the human began getting me ready and soon we were off. After a quick potty break we were soon in a taxi ~~ the kittens were sooo noisy that I felt bad for them and tried to calm them down by letting them know that I was there too ^^

Soon we had arrived~ I could barely contain my excitement~ Leeloos house! I had a great time, I raced around and played with Leeloo and got some snuggles in with Leeloos mummy~ my second favourite human ^^


Then it was kitten time. Slowly the humans took the kittens out and let us get used to them. Leeloo fell in love with Nare (나레) whereas Maru (마루) is still my favourite ^^


It was so good to see the kittens be playful with another dog, especially one as active as Leeloo~ the human and I were worried that it was only because I was so nervous of the kittens that they played with me. They also did well with Leeloos mum, 나레 especially enjoyed her snuggle time.

We took them to the vet today just to get a checkup and they are healthy but the travel stressed them out a little too much so the next playdate should be here, and we wont put them in a taxi again until its time for them to go to their adoptive homes ^^


Leeloo’s mummy bought the kittens some new toys but they have been so tired from our busy schedule and so only played for a minute before curling up together in their box.

Me? I’m tired too! Heres my new toy which my human bought in the hope that I would like it as much as Leeloo’s rabbit



You can comment here for more info on the availability or adoption process if you are interested ♥

Panda \/⊙♥⊙\/