The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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For Potential Kitten adopters

So as you know, the human and I are fostering a pair of super cute kittens, with the aim of finding them a forever home.


As you can see I’ve grown quite attached to them ^^ but we hope that they find their own homes soon before they become to attached to us.


In light of this I’d like to tell you about them a bit more^^ At the moment the daily routine of the kittens is as follows~

7.30~9am play time with me (the human empties their litter box during this time) 9~9.15am the human gives them breakfast and fresh water

9.15~5.15pm the human is at work so they are kept in a pen. In the pen the have a crate with a pillow for snuggles, a cardboard box with a pillow and towel for snuggles, a litter box, food and water, and some toys.

When the human gets home she lets me play with them until they need a nap then it’s time for my walk ^^ when we get back the kittens are still sleeping but the human opens their pen so they can come play if they want to.

They usually have dinner sometime between 8 or 9pm and bed time is between 10.30~11.30 The kittens are so playful! They play with each other, with me, with the human and sometimes they will play with their own tails ^^


A lot of times I dont want to play with them so I will snuggle with my human or sit on the stairs but the kittens eventually find me and meow at me until I play with them.


The human is training them to allow her to touch their paws and mouths, and to get them used to cleaning their ears (I actually LOVE having my ears cleaned) so they are super ready to find their forever homes ^^


My friend Lucy wrote about what to expect and what to purchase for your new feline friend so I’ll just give you the links~

The boy Maru is almost certainly adopted but little Narae (the girl ) still needs a home, leave a comment and we will help you start the application process ^^ alternatively check out Narae’s profile: