The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Agility Training: Guest Star: Boots

Saturday I went to visit my friends Boots who is spending a month in a training academy while his human is away on vacation. My human went without me last week, but this week I got to go too! It was so much fun to play on the agility equipment! boots and Panda1

Boots and I had a great time playing together, and the trainer says Boots is doing really well. This training centre is really close to Toegyewon station (pronounced Tay-gay-won) just tell the taxi driver to keep going straight and then once you go over a very tiny bridge the centre is on your left. It’s very easy to spot from the road and it only costs us $9 in a taxi to get there.

boots and Panda2The trainers are very friendly but have limited English, so if you want to send a dog there it is recommended that you have a co-worker fill out the form. You can learn more about the training school here

Just wanted to share the information and the cute photos of me ^^




Dogsitting and Rescue Happy Endings

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A few months ago I posted about my friend Emma who is still in foster care even though it has been a year since we rescued her from KARMA.

This weekend her foster home had visitors who are allergic to dogs so Emma came to stay with us. Now,  I’m a pretty lazy/laid back dog but Emma takes it to a whole new level. The moment you put her on something (a bed, the floor, your lap) she curls up, no pacing or turning required. It’s like her legs give out the second they come into contact with the surface. She pretty much spent the entire weekend at the foot of the humans bed.

The Human says she is a better leash-walker than I am because Emma doesn’t pull. Whatever, I could not pull if I wanted to.

The problem is Emma’s foster mum is leaving Korea in August, which means we have 2 months to find her a new forever home. So if you know anyone who wants a seriously low-energy dog, let me know here or contact us through Emma’s ARK profile.

Also the human was going through her computer and found lots of photos of Emma and her pups from when we first rescued them so here is the Happy Ending: ALL of Emma’s pups are in forever homes and experiencing real love in their family.

Jack and his adoptive sister Nala

Jack and his adoptive sister Nala

Logan (now Jack) relaxing in his forever home

Logan (now Jack) relaxing in his forever home

Molly's adoptive family

Molly’s adoptive family

Emma getting some attention while receiving treatment for Distemper

Emma getting some attention while receiving treatment for Distemper

iPhone Pictures 3 732

Emma and the pups after coming back from Karama getting a potty break before seeing their new home

iPhone Pictures 3 733

Emma feeding her greedy little pups

iPhone Pictures 3 737

Krypto and George posing. These two went on to be adopted by two Korean women.

iPhone Pictures 3 743

The weird sleeping positions

iPhone Pictures 3 753

Logn after a bath

iPhone Pictures 3 759

Emma trying to get some sleep in between feedings

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Panda Presents: Goose in Korea

Hey everyone, so as a special treat I got a famous korean animal rescue blogger to write a blog post for you. I hope you check out her blog too its full of useful information on rescuing, fostering and adopting a human and its aimed at both cats and dogs~ and the best part is you get to some beautiful pictures of Lucy, I wish I was as big as her, although then maybe my human wouldnt appreciate me standing on her shoulders quite as much XS

Hi Panda Fans,   My name is Lucy! Here’s my picture…

Oh my eyes are closed. Wait, hmm…

Oh dear another bad one. Let’s see…

There we are! That’s me! How to introduce myself… My mom says I’m silly. That’s why she calls me Goose – Lucy Goose/Silly Goose… I am happy when she’s smiling! But lots of people say “여쁘다!” when they see me. It means pretty. I’m glad they say that because I am not a typical Korean dog. You see, I am very big for Korea. Most dogs are small – Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkie… But I don’t mind! I get along with everyone!

Here’s my friend and foster brother. He and I got along great! He was a very old miniature poodle. We didn’t play much because Major was very old, but we got along just swell! He and I just loved to sleep and relax. He had a great family after he left our house, but sadly he passed away. My mom said it was good that he did not die alone in the shelter like many dogs his age do. You see, it’s common in Korea to bring dogs to shelters when they are “too old.” Mom said that will never happen to me!

I’m so lucky ^^   I’m lucky in many ways because Mom knows a lot about dogs and about dogs in Korea. We have a blog about us – – and Mom shares all our stories. These days my best friend is a dog who is chained up outside every single day. She’s very bored. She also gets cold, or very hot, or wet in the rain… all because she’s always outside. She likes to play with me, even though it’s just once a week, because most of the time she doesn’t get any attention at all! I feel very sorry for her situation. Mom says she’s not alone. I know Mom’s right because even though I forget a lot about my past, I know things weren’t so good before my mom found me at the shelter. I was at the shelter for a long time. I remember being scared and cold and just wanting people to take me on a walk when they would visit the shelter. They say I was about to be sold to a meat market before the shelter saved me. I don’t know much, but I know that meat market wasn’t full of meat for me to eat!

There are many sad and scared dogs in Korea and I am thankful my mom works with rescuing so much – she knows there’s many to help and we do what we can to make a difference… Donating, fostering, spreading the word, pet sitting, researching, helping others who have adopted, volunteering… Mom worked for a long time with the shelter I was adopted from – she’d ask people questions about adopting to make sure they were ready. She loves helping to find animals homes. She says every animal deserves one, just like me. I look forward to when we foster again, because it’s been awhile. Mom says she wants to foster kittens again… That’s right! I like cats too!

Mom says it will be really great to foster again once we can because the rescue community here is so supportive. Mom always is emailing someone or talking on the phone or posting online – just trying to help one animal to find a home or live a better life. She says I taught her lots and she always smiles and says how much she loves me while I keep her company as she types our blog. I’m glad Mom has her friends and they all love helping animals here in Korea. It’s really great to know I help her to make an impact – at least she tells me I do ^^

Well Mom says it’s time for a walk, so I must be going. I hope you enjoyed our post and check out our blog! Bye Panda and fans!   ~ (Lucy) Goose

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Progress and Presents at Puppy Bean

Today was an exciting but tiring day. When the human returned we went to Puppy Bean~ the dog cafe. Everyone immediately started proclaiming how cute I was~ duh! But they wanted to touch me 😦

During the course of the evening I sniffed a lot of hands which seemed to placate them a little and this is way more than I usually allow. I even deigned to play with a white haired poodle although I didnt really like it when the other dogs tried to play too. My human played for a while too so I sang and everyone thought it was funny ㅎㅎ

My friend Leeloo came with her human and gave me a huge bag of her old clothes! So excited! I’ll model those for you next time.

We walked almost the whole way home and rode a taxi the last of it. My human let me sit on her lap rather than putting me in my carry case~ it was exciting to see the world move so fast!

Anyway we are now curled up together and I thought I would show you my favourite sleeping position. On my human~ hahaha


Until next time ♥♥

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Today my uuman returned with presents!! A teacher at her school thought I was pretty so she asked a friend who makes home~made dog treats to make some for me!


Don’t they look delicious? I will have to ask my human to procure more of these yummy treats. I may even let this teacher touch my head for a second or two next time we meet….or not, it depends on how yummy these treats are I guess 😉

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Puppy Bean Pals

Almost every thursday my human takes me on a trip to a dog cafe called Puppy Bean~ below is a map so you can join us if you’re in Seoul


Every time I see an outfit I get excited because my human only used to let me wear them to the dog cafe~ but now that its getting colder I can wear them more often ^^ yay


Todays outfit~ not sure how the human turned the photo on its side ㅎㅎ anyway todays outfit has a korean nursery rhyme on the back translated into english~ the human was very excited about this one and kept singing it to me ~ 흘 (hul)


Although I sometimes seem super stressed~ I do enjoy myself here because I can meet my friends 봉식 (bong shik~a sheltie)


봉 구 (bong gu~a pom)


가을 (ka ul~a yorkie)


who live here and Leeloo (a schnauzer)

who belongs to one of the few humans I dont mind touching me. Everytime we come I get a littpe bit more confident~ today I was playing with the dogs and voluntarily sniffed some new humans~ exciting stuff ^^