The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Cartoon Panda

Recently there was an outbreak of Distemper at one of the dog shelters in Korea and the animal rescue community began making fundraisers to try and save the lives of the many pups in danger. One of the fundraisers was called ‘Drawing for Dogs’ and a talented artist Gimarie Battle offered cartoon versions of your pet! Naturally the human and I needed one of these, so here is my picture! She even added my pink tail dye- how awesome! (In case you’re wondering why I’m reading it’s because my human is in the middle of publishing her own series of Novella’s) What do you think? Cute, right!?

panda_whitetail panda_pinktail



Dogsitting and Rescue Happy Endings

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A few months ago I posted about my friend Emma who is still in foster care even though it has been a year since we rescued her from KARMA.

This weekend her foster home had visitors who are allergic to dogs so Emma came to stay with us. Now,  I’m a pretty lazy/laid back dog but Emma takes it to a whole new level. The moment you put her on something (a bed, the floor, your lap) she curls up, no pacing or turning required. It’s like her legs give out the second they come into contact with the surface. She pretty much spent the entire weekend at the foot of the humans bed.

The Human says she is a better leash-walker than I am because Emma doesn’t pull. Whatever, I could not pull if I wanted to.

The problem is Emma’s foster mum is leaving Korea in August, which means we have 2 months to find her a new forever home. So if you know anyone who wants a seriously low-energy dog, let me know here or contact us through Emma’s ARK profile.

Also the human was going through her computer and found lots of photos of Emma and her pups from when we first rescued them so here is the Happy Ending: ALL of Emma’s pups are in forever homes and experiencing real love in their family.

Jack and his adoptive sister Nala

Jack and his adoptive sister Nala

Logan (now Jack) relaxing in his forever home

Logan (now Jack) relaxing in his forever home

Molly's adoptive family

Molly’s adoptive family

Emma getting some attention while receiving treatment for Distemper

Emma getting some attention while receiving treatment for Distemper

iPhone Pictures 3 732

Emma and the pups after coming back from Karama getting a potty break before seeing their new home

iPhone Pictures 3 733

Emma feeding her greedy little pups

iPhone Pictures 3 737

Krypto and George posing. These two went on to be adopted by two Korean women.

iPhone Pictures 3 743

The weird sleeping positions

iPhone Pictures 3 753

Logn after a bath

iPhone Pictures 3 759

Emma trying to get some sleep in between feedings

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