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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Not yet, just getting prepared. It’s been a long journey to get prepared to fly to where my human is from. She promises that I will have fun so long as I don’t bother the cat (which I find a very offensive statement- I love cats!) but the why’s of us leaving will wait for another time. For now let’s concentrate on the how.

England is a tiny island, practically on the other side of the world to Korea. It took the human 10 hours to get here on a non-stop flight. Sounds fun right? Because it’s an island they have pretty strict rules about what humans can bring with them. Here’s where it got expensive.

Here’s the process (Please follow this timeline and get prepared early or you will have issues!!)

First I had to have a microchip implanted (OUCH btw) that was ISO compatible. That means it can be read in England as well as Korea. After this you have your rabies vaccine. With me so far? Basically lots of needles and pain for you (the puppy).

Now one month after your vaccine go back and have your blood tested. Make sure you specify why you want it tested. I really recommend speaking to Sohee at Chung Hwa Animal Clinic in Itaewon- she has helped many furry friends make their way home. This is important because without the blood test proving you don’t have rabies you will be in QUARANTINE!! The blood test takes 3 months and costs $300 (yes I know, an English doggy talking in terms of dollars-well its what all the companies we used gave us their prices in, so deal with it) One good thing though is that this blood test lasts a while. So long as you have an annual rabies vaccine (and keep the proof of this to show it was always done BEFORE the anniversary of your blood test you will still be able to fly that year. Note: if you have the blood test done five years before flying you will need the vaccine every year after the first time and always a week or so earlier than previously administered to be on the safe side.

After your 3 month wait for your results you are then able to fly into England YAY-but wait there’s more…

UPDATE ** 10 days before flying you will need a Vet to complete an Annex 2 form Health Certificate. 24 Hours before flying you will also need to deworm your dog (specifically tapeworms)

Did you know that dogs cannot fly on a passenger plane into England, not even in the baggage? That’s right you have to pay to fly on a cargo plane- and essentially you will be posted to England. It’s kind of expensive ($2000).  But wait there’s more!

You will also need to purchase a special crate to fly in, that’s taller than you when you stand up in it (That means your ears can’t touch it) and wide enough that you can turn around- there are other requirements too, but if you speak to Sohee she will help you with all that.

One more thing. If you fly into Heathrow (which you will be) you have to pay an additional £400 or so (I forgot the exact amount) on arrival. Starting to think about staying in Korea? Well never fear- we found a cheaper alternative.

  • You still need to get your microchip, vaccine and blood test as listed above!! There is no way around this!!

However we will be flying into France, we will stay the night and then my human’s family will drive over on the ferry and take us home with them. Because by being IN a car ON the ferry you don’t have to pay that pesky airport arrival fee.

But wait, there’s more! We are also choosing to fly Aeroflot because they allow dogs to fly in cabin to france on the condition that the dog and carrier weighs less than 8kg total. (In my carrier I weigh 6.3kg)

There’s still more! I don’t need to buy myself a clunky new crate because I can travel in my normal fabric one!

Last thing- my ticket is no longer $2000, in fact I will be charged as excess baggage at the grand sum of ….. $50!!!

UPDATE ** 10 days before flying you will need a Vet to complete an Annex 2 form Health Certificate, As we are flying into France we need one for France and a SECOND form for England. 24 Hours before flying you will also need to deworm your dog (specifically tapeworms)

What a bargain! England here we come!

If you use this as a guide to get to England, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE double check every step of the way. We would hate to be responsible for you not making it. I will be going to Incheon Airport to speak to a Aeroflot consultant, we will show the consultant my bag and allow them to weigh me to double check BEFORE we purchase our ticket.

We aren’t flying until next year but we are getting ready early. I will update if I find out anything more.

For a full list of DEFRA guidlines and requirements click

Special thanks to Christina (my humans friend that visited us) for providing the DEFRA link above, and to Sohee from Itaewon’s Chung Hwa Animal Clinic and to Jerry at the Pet Travel Store for your advice.

For more information regarding Pet Passports, Airline Pet Policies and all supplies you could need to travel with your pup, check out the PetTravelStore.