The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy


Doggy Comics

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Here is this weeks comic:


A comic about toys, Kyo and Panda


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Watch me play

You can’t come and play with me in person so I have some videos of me playing so that you can experience for yourself how cute and playful I am.

Panda playing

Squeaky Toy

Fetching Rocks

Hope you have as much fun as I did ^^


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Play Time Again!

Here are some videos of me that I think you will enjoy 🙂

Me playing on the stairs:

and me playing in the grass on the roof

and finally me waiting nicely for treats

I am super excited for my first Halloween too, still have to make a decision on which costume to wear to the doggy howl’o’ween party 😀 but you will have to wait and see what I decide to do ^^ expect much more cuteness in the future

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Play time

Sometimes I like to Play fight with my human~ its a good way to distract her from the various shiny noisy things that make her ignore me.

We play a game where I allow her to throw my squeaky toy for me to hunt, and we play a game where I sing to her as I pretend to eat her fingers. I am very gentle because my human seems to be very easily broken, but I think she enjoys these games and sometimes she tries to sing along, bless.

I made her video this mornings play time~ I sang beautifully and for once my human was quiet so you can just relax and listen to my wonderful song.