The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Cartoon Panda

Recently there was an outbreak of Distemper at one of the dog shelters in Korea and the animal rescue community began making fundraisers to try and save the lives of the many pups in danger. One of the fundraisers was called ‘Drawing for Dogs’ and a talented artist Gimarie Battle offered cartoon versions of your pet! Naturally the human and I needed one of these, so here is my picture! She even added my pink tail dye- how awesome! (In case you’re wondering why I’m reading it’s because my human is in the middle of publishing her own series of Novella’s) What do you think? Cute, right!?

panda_whitetail panda_pinktail


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Sad Dog Diary

The human found this hilarious, but I feel for my poor sad friends out there. My human too constantly asks me where things are and I’m really concerned about how much of my poop she has collected, where does she keep it all?!