The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

A childs guide to puppy interaction

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If you’re a scaredy-pup like me, human interaction is one of the scariest things out there. All these giant humans reaching out to touch you, picking you up and jiggling you about. I hate it, but there is something scarier- the little humans.

I haven’t met a nice one yet, although my human tells me that its because they don’t understand, not because they’re mean. So I’m giving children the benefit of the doubt and sharing this awesome guide by Dr Sophia Yin. Please share it and teach children about us scaredy-pups. I’ll work on my barking if you work on your screaming okay?

Click here to see the awesome guide!


Author: Panda

A rescue puppy from the streets of South Korea blogging about my daily life and how cute I am.

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