The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Sick as a Dog

So on Saturday the human noticed my eye looked goopy and that I was chewing my ankle pad (like the pads on my feet but higher on my leg)

After cleaning my eye (which I hate by the way) she was I had made my pad bleed, so using micropore (medical tape) and a cotton bud she bandaged it after cleaning it with pad~repair solution that we had bought from the vet after I cut my foot on the ice.


She decided to wait and see if it cleared up, but it didnt so Monday after work she took me to Itaewon (because the vet there speaks English- they have helped us a lot) We also had to go there to pick up my blood test results which proove I’m allowed to fly to England~ yay!

I really enjoyed the taxi ride to Itaewon. Because of the humans new work schedule she was worried we wouldnt make thw office hours of the vet if we took the subway. She cracked thw window open a bit and held me up she I didnt over balance in my attempts to look out of the window~ it was awesome.

At the vet they took me away from my human, which I didnt like, but I didnt struggle, I was a good girl.

They examined me, gave me anti biotics, a real bandage for my leg, eye drops, a pain killer injection, a cone of shame and they trimmed my claws and squeezed my anal sac (sorry if thats tmi~ but I’m sharing ^^)


The human bought me some super yummy treats to keep me occupied but after a subway ride full of papparazzi


(korean girls loved my hanbok) I’m exhausted.


I’ll keep you guys updated on how I feel