The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

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Choco’s Chance

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while~ I have been busy with my latest rescue project.


Meet Choco. Choco was a chained dog, who was abused. When she was rescued from this she didnt have to wait long to find her forever home. Every dog and human in the rescue community was thrilled to see another happy ending.

Except that it wasnt. It was with mounting dismay as we all looked on to see Chocos new forever home ask for advice and then ignore it. Issues seemed to be piling up and we were powerless to help. Finally Choco’s human began to consider putting Choco down and the rescue community was horrified.

Fortunately with the help of my friend Leeloo and her human, my human and I appealled to Chocos human to let us have her. We went undercover for almost 2 weeks until we were able to collect Choco.


Now she is in a safe (temporary) home we can start the process to heal and rehome her. Unfortunately because of the neglect of her previous homes Choco never received any vaccinations, nor was she spayed and worst of all due to the choke chain she was forced to wear, poor little Choco has a collapsed trachea.

If you would like to follow her story please join the fundraising event on facebook~

If you are interested in adopting Choco please check out her profile~


Choco loves belly rubs and I am graciously sharing my human with her, but all dogs deserve their own family. Please share Choco’s story to give her the best chance possible at her new life.