The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

Feeling Lonely?


Just a quick post today~ to let you know my friend Emma was spayed and is ready for adoption! Yay


Emma and her 5 puppies were rescued by my human back in the summer. They were all discovered to have distemper and Emma was dangerously malnourished from supporting the puppies. Fortunately with some help from our amazing Animal Rescue friends and my super awesome Vet they all made a full recovery. ^^


All of Emma’s puppies were adopted pretty quickly and are all living amazing lives with their new families~


but Emma is still waiting. She has a pretty amazing foster family, but I’m sure she would love a family of her own. If you are interested in adopting Emma please check out her profile here


Author: Panda

A rescue puppy from the streets of South Korea blogging about my daily life and how cute I am.

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