The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

Progress and Presents at Puppy Bean

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Today was an exciting but tiring day. When the human returned we went to Puppy Bean~ the dog cafe. Everyone immediately started proclaiming how cute I was~ duh! But they wanted to touch me 😦

During the course of the evening I sniffed a lot of hands which seemed to placate them a little and this is way more than I usually allow. I even deigned to play with a white haired poodle although I didnt really like it when the other dogs tried to play too. My human played for a while too so I sang and everyone thought it was funny ㅎㅎ

My friend Leeloo came with her human and gave me a huge bag of her old clothes! So excited! I’ll model those for you next time.

We walked almost the whole way home and rode a taxi the last of it. My human let me sit on her lap rather than putting me in my carry case~ it was exciting to see the world move so fast!

Anyway we are now curled up together and I thought I would show you my favourite sleeping position. On my human~ hahaha


Until next time ♥♥


Author: Panda

A rescue puppy from the streets of South Korea blogging about my daily life and how cute I am.

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