The life and crimes of a Korean rescue puppy

Pampering Day


Today the human forced me to have a shower~ she said it was my pampering day. I kept trying to escape so in the end the human carried me into the water~ that I didnt mind so much, I could hide my face and she got wet too mwhahaha.

After my shower she wrapped my in a giant towel so I couldnt run away to shake myself dry and changed out of her wet clothes. Then she brought me to a howling monster that blew hot air at me


Here I am trying to hide in my bed. I suppose it dried me faster than I usually manage from hiding in a towel


After I was dry the human put the nasty itchy smelly stuff on the back of my neck. So I tried to roll it off by rubbing my neck in the ground


She says I neee this every month to keep me safe but its so itchy! And the human wont play with me for 3 hours afterwards ㅠㅠ

Becausr I wouldnt stop running around trying to get the itchy stuff off the human confined my in the new pen


And when I fell asleep she covered me with one of her tops because my blanket is being washed and I’m still a little damp around my ears and tail


She says we’re going on a loooong walk later so I’m napping to conserve my energy. I have filmed some videos for you which the human will upload later~ showing me playing on our roof garden and waiting nicely for treats, hope you liked my pictures~ next time I’ll document how to make your human walk you and how to get treats while exploring


Author: Panda

A rescue puppy from the streets of South Korea blogging about my daily life and how cute I am.

2 thoughts on “Pampering Day

  1. You survived pampering day,well done

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